Monday, 16 January 2012

BrandMyMail setp by step

step by step

Go to

Step 2 - drag plugins from right
Step 3 - Click to configure plugin

Step 4 - Configure your Signature plugin

Add and configure more plugins (optional)

Step 5 - Select a theme (optional)
Step 6 - Preview template (optional)

See your template result

Step 7 - Sign in with Google

Sign in and Accept

Step 9 - Install browser extension

Step 9 - Go to Gmail or BrandMyMail Dashboard

Step 10 - Write your email
Step 11 - Click Send or Preview

Step 10 - Email preview before sending

Sent email

Some notes:

 How to remove plugins?
You can remove plugins by clicking on Trash icon
You can align the plugin, using the justification buttons

Advanced notes:

Email fixed/expandable width:
When you add a banner bigger than 590px in top container, the email template gets fixed width.
If you use a smaller banner the email stays with 100% width.

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